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ProtoMED is a sophisticated family of products that provides complete medical practice management using both PC and Internet technologies. ProtoMED was designed to be an affordable medical billing product built on the generic PC platform that provides management features found in higher end systems. Integrated, Real-time or Batch Electronic Insurance Eligibility, ProtoSCAN Integrated Document Management & Imaging, ProtoSCRIPT Electronic Prescriptions, ProtoCHART Integrated Electronic Medical Records, ProtoRESOLVE Electronic Remitance Advice, and ProtoCLAIMS - NATION'S BEST PUSH-BUTTON, REAL-TIME ELECTRONIC BILLING and CLAIMS MANAGEMENT.
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ProtoCLAIMS, the nation’s first desktop-based electronic claims product that automatically links claims with insurance payers who offer direct claims processing. ProtoCLAIMS, in essence, offers FREE CLAIMS (access to multiple payers who offer direct access into their claims systems) and commercial claims submission with the push of one button! Claims status may be reviewed 24/7 from any Internet connection.
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ProtoWEB, the nation's first Web-based, interactive Medical Management Help Desk support. ProtoMED clients can place support calls directly into the Protologics Help Desk Center in real-time mode from anywhere in the world using typical Internet browser interfaces.

ProtoMED clients can view all support incidents and associated activity. Clients can sort their incidents by keywords, dates, opened, or closed status. The "ProtoWEB" is also used to deploy new releases, review client account status, and participate in design forums.
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ProtoCHART Electronic Medical Record
ProtoCHART seamlessly integrates patient demographics, clinical information, and billing information into one system. ProtoCHART is designed for real-time use by the clinician during the patient encounter. Wireless tablets are recommended to drive the documentation effort - but ProtoCHART will run on any PC running an advanced Windows operating system (Windows XP or 2000 recommended).

Bills are automatically generated from your EMR! An automated BILLING WIZARD will interpret the encounter level from your clinical record and bill the encounter! ProtoMED will "sense" the billed encounter and appraise your exit billing team.

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